Delivery time

If the item you have ordered is in stock, you will normally receive it within 2-3 working days. If your order contains products that are currently out of stock, we are waiting to send your order until all the products are available for delivery. You can receive part delivery of your order at your own request. There is no extra shipping cost for you, Teknikmedia AB is responsible for this freight.

Delivery method

We reserve the right to change delivery methods if the chosen delivery method cannot be satisfied. The prices below refer to domestic transport within Sweden. For foreign transport please contact us. We also offer panic bids directly to you or your customer, please contact our customer service for ordering and more information. Orders placed before 15:30 pm are usually shipped the next day from our warehouse.

Shipping prices

  • Standard - 69kr, Max 1kg. Delivery: Within 2-3 weekdays.
  • Standard - 99kr, Max 1-2kg. Delivery: Within 2-3 weekdays.
  • Express delivery 1 weekday (122kr).
  • Cash on delivery (+70kr) Extra to shipping cost.
  • Company post standard - 99kr, delivery to company's mailbox 1-2 weekdays.
  • Company delivery before 17:00 next weekday (160 kr).
  • Express delivery before 10:00 the next weekday at the reception (224,40 kr).